16 great memories from 2016

January is a great time to start planning goals and trips and travel for the year ahead, but before all that I thought I’d look back at 16 great memories from 2016! When I look back over places I’ve been I always have a standout memory, whether it be a great meal or a memorable day or an amazing view…so here they are!

 1.Whiskey tasting in Edinburgh, Scotland.IMG_8516.JPG


2. Seafood dinner in Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon.IMG_1207.JPG


3.Strolling through the Easter Markets in Vienna.img_0617

4. Having a cocktail in 360 Bar in Innsbruck, Austria.IMG_0730.JPG

5. Learning to Scuba dive at Scubadive west in Galway.(Read about it here)IMG_1495


6. Having a cocktail overlooking Bangkok. (Read about it here)



7. Watching a fire show on the beach in Ko Samui, Thailand.(Read about it here)


8. Diving on Sail Rock, Ko Tao, Thailand. (Read about it here)IMG_2468


9.Visiting Maya Bay(Where ‘The Beach’ was filmed), Thailand. (Read about it here)img_2851


10.Visiting the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. (Read about it here)img_2723


11.Walking the Promenade in Nice, France. (Read about it here)img_3545


12.Galettes and Cider for lunch in Eze, France.img_3794


13. Drinking glühwein at the Christmas market in Berlin. (Read about it here)IMG_5875.JPG


14. Taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. (Read about it here)DCIM476GOPRO


15. Celebrating turning 30 with my closest friends.IMG_2010.JPG


16. Starting this blog…..I’d been talking about it for long enough!IMG_6258.jpg

Thanks to all who read the blog, liked and followed! I hope it gives some info and maybe even some travel inspiration for the year ahead.

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Now to start planning for 2017……..

Until Next Time,

Aisling x


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